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What Is In Your Toddler’s Toy Box?

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WDR has a lot of toys.

Too many toys if I’m honest.

But when you see a wooden car or shape sorter in a charity shop for a pound or two how can you resist?

This Fire Engine cost £1.50 in the local Red Cross charity shop.

It is in perfect condition and will last for years to come compared to the many plastic cars that will come and go over the years.

Plus I love its vintage look.

 This Noah’s Arc is WDR’s favourite toy. He loves putting the little animals into the boat only to take them out a minuet later and so on…

I think it is an ELC toy but not sure. It’s not the best wood and has a lot of scratch but it cost my £2.50 and was one of the first things I brough WDR when he was still just a small bump.

I love wooden toys for many reasons but most of all I love a bargin!

What does your toddler have in their toy box?

Do you buy second-hand toys?

Wooden vs Plastic?


Where Have the Last 7 Days Gone….?

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I can honestly say time is not on my side at the moment.

Time seems to be slipping through my fingers at the moment.

I began this blog because I wanted an outlet for my thoughts and also wanted a challenge. I wanted to blog every day if possible or at least every other day as I feel its important for a blog to be a continues flow of posts rather than a string of one offs. However after only a few weeks of One Mums daily Ramblings I have failed. It has been over a week since I have posted and for that I apologise. I can make excuses but in reality I have simply been busy with day-to-day tasks, play groups, playdates, chorus and most importantly my other half is on a weeks holiday from work. I have not told my partner about this blog for several reasons…

Number 1: I want this process to be private, at least for the time being.

Number 2: He will mock me. He does not understand blogs, he has no desire to read about people’s personal lives and would find it odd that I am putting my life, our life into the virtual world.

I do intend to tell him about this blog but at the moment I’m not quite sure where it is leading and I want it to remain my personal project, I have no secrets from him except this..Does that make any sense?

So there are my excuses and I promise usual service shall resume asap…

12 Months + 20 days

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WDR celebrated his first birthday 20 days ago.

Where has the time gone?

I can remember so clearly the moment I found out i was pregnant, the shock, the excitement and the disbelief that i was going to be a mummy. I can remember the fear at 11 weeks being rushed to the local hospital in the back of an ambulance due suspected Etopic pregnancy. I remember seeing my small little person for the first time and knowing that everything will be fine, this baby will be fine. The next 7 months flew by in a whirlwind of baby books, name issues, moving house, walking 5 miles each day and finally 6 days over due the boy arrived.

5 hours and 43 minuets. From my ‘show’ to meeting my son for the first time. My labour was quick, painful and relatively easy in comparison to other women’s. I laboured at home untill my poor other half dragged me to the hospital with minuets to spare and that was that, WDR made his entrance and life has never been the same again.

The last 12 months and 20 days have been amazing, crazy, hard, perfect, painful, tearful, happy and have I mentioned amazing? I am a mummy, I still can’t belive I have a son, an amazing son I will have you know. If I described WDR’s first year in three words I would use Loving, Life Changing and Amazing. I never understood the concept of time untill I had my son, time moves to quickly like grains of sand through your fingers, you desperately wont to keep hold of it but it just keeps moving untill your hand is empty. I have a one year old son, this time next year he will be two, then three, four, five and on and on and on….

In the last 20 days WRD has changed so much. He now weighs 21lbs 11oz, has at least 9 teeth (including four molars) and is currently experiencing temper tantrums. He eats three square meals a day plus two snacks, loves reading Dear Zoo and can’t get enough of playing his drum and listening to music with daddy. He laughs at the most random things, loves to cuddle and can get enough of the outdoors. He is not sleeping as well as normal and probably needs to change his routine but on the whole he is turning into a proper little boy who by this time next year will be a walking, talking boy who will be able to do so much more in terms of motor skills. I cant wait to see what my little man gets up to this next year but a small part of me cant help but morn the time that has already pasted…

WDR only 2 hours old.

No matter how big my little boy gets, he will always be my little baby.

I’m not having a bad day…I’m having a bad week!!

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So as my last post mentioned WDR is not the little angle he once was. It seems my little boy has been replaced by a grumpy, not eating, screaming all day little toddler and i am tired of it!

For the last week he has hardly eaten any food excpet a few bites here and there and thinks it extreamly funny to throw all food onto the floor. He has started waking in the night (he is a great sleeper who sleeps from 6.30pm to 6.30am every night for the last 6 months) and will cry untill i take him into our bed or give him a bottle (he stopped night feeds 6 months ago) which he does not need. He wont play inderpendently and rotates between wanting to be held all the time to pushing me away at eery occasion. He didnt even raise a smile for bath time…what is wrong with my little man?

Today i have decided we are going to turn a courner weather he likes it or not!

  • If he wont eat what he is given then he will go hungry, i am not pandering to his demands any long!
  • He will stay in his cot untill he falls asleep (even if he cries all night)
  • No more night time feeds, we need to be dropping the bottle not having extra feeds.

So thats my plan of action…lets see who is victourious, mummy or WDR?


Where Has My Little Boy Gone…?

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WDR turned One nearly two weeks ago. Before his birthday he was a happy baby who played independently, ate three square meals a day plus two snacks, slept through from 6.30pm to 6.30am and was the most loving, happy little boy in the world. Now WDR scream the house down if i leave the room for a second, wont eat anything except fruit puree and oat bars, wakes up several times a night and has daily temper tantrums over the smallest of things. What has happened to my little boy?




Hello world!

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let me introduce myself…

Im Zoe.

I am about to turn 25 (a whole quarter of a century).

I am a mummy to an amazing, happy 12 month old boy who knows his own mind and is growing up way to fast.

I am engaged to a wonderful man who reads me like a book and loves me for all my craziness! Bless him!

I love literature, art, photography, adventures, picnics and fashion.

I studies American Studies and media and Popular Culture at university and worked as a Charity Store manager before becoming a SAHM.

Some days i love my life, other days i find it hard but i wouldnt change it for the world.

I have started this blog because i am a blog addict and felt it was about time i tried writing one rather than reading hundreds a day!

So thats a little bit about me, would love to hear a little bit about you…