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I’m not having a bad day…I’m having a bad week!!

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So as my last post mentioned WDR is not the little angle he once was. It seems my little boy has been replaced by a grumpy, not eating, screaming all day little toddler and i am tired of it!

For the last week he has hardly eaten any food excpet a few bites here and there and thinks it extreamly funny to throw all food onto the floor. He has started waking in the night (he is a great sleeper who sleeps from 6.30pm to 6.30am every night for the last 6 months) and will cry untill i take him into our bed or give him a bottle (he stopped night feeds 6 months ago) which he does not need. He wont play inderpendently and rotates between wanting to be held all the time to pushing me away at eery occasion. He didnt even raise a smile for bath time…what is wrong with my little man?

Today i have decided we are going to turn a courner weather he likes it or not!

  • If he wont eat what he is given then he will go hungry, i am not pandering to his demands any long!
  • He will stay in his cot untill he falls asleep (even if he cries all night)
  • No more night time feeds, we need to be dropping the bottle not having extra feeds.

So thats my plan of action…lets see who is victourious, mummy or WDR?



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