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What Is In Your Toddler’s Toy Box?

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WDR has a lot of toys.

Too many toys if I’m honest.

But when you see a wooden car or shape sorter in a charity shop for a pound or two how can you resist?

This Fire Engine cost £1.50 in the local Red Cross charity shop.

It is in perfect condition and will last for years to come compared to the many plastic cars that will come and go over the years.

Plus I love its vintage look.

 This Noah’s Arc is WDR’s favourite toy. He loves putting the little animals into the boat only to take them out a minuet later and so on…

I think it is an ELC toy but not sure. It’s not the best wood and has a lot of scratch but it cost my £2.50 and was one of the first things I brough WDR when he was still just a small bump.

I love wooden toys for many reasons but most of all I love a bargin!

What does your toddler have in their toy box?

Do you buy second-hand toys?

Wooden vs Plastic?


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