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12 Months + 20 days

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WDR celebrated his first birthday 20 days ago.

Where has the time gone?

I can remember so clearly the moment I found out i was pregnant, the shock, the excitement and the disbelief that i was going to be a mummy. I can remember the fear at 11 weeks being rushed to the local hospital in the back of an ambulance due suspected Etopic pregnancy. I remember seeing my small little person for the first time and knowing that everything will be fine, this baby will be fine. The next 7 months flew by in a whirlwind of baby books, name issues, moving house, walking 5 miles each day and finally 6 days over due the boy arrived.

5 hours and 43 minuets. From my ‘show’ to meeting my son for the first time. My labour was quick, painful and relatively easy in comparison to other women’s. I laboured at home untill my poor other half dragged me to the hospital with minuets to spare and that was that, WDR made his entrance and life has never been the same again.

The last 12 months and 20 days have been amazing, crazy, hard, perfect, painful, tearful, happy and have I mentioned amazing? I am a mummy, I still can’t belive I have a son, an amazing son I will have you know. If I described WDR’s first year in three words I would use Loving, Life Changing and Amazing. I never understood the concept of time untill I had my son, time moves to quickly like grains of sand through your fingers, you desperately wont to keep hold of it but it just keeps moving untill your hand is empty. I have a one year old son, this time next year he will be two, then three, four, five and on and on and on….

In the last 20 days WRD has changed so much. He now weighs 21lbs 11oz, has at least 9 teeth (including four molars) and is currently experiencing temper tantrums. He eats three square meals a day plus two snacks, loves reading Dear Zoo and can’t get enough of playing his drum and listening to music with daddy. He laughs at the most random things, loves to cuddle and can get enough of the outdoors. He is not sleeping as well as normal and probably needs to change his routine but on the whole he is turning into a proper little boy who by this time next year will be a walking, talking boy who will be able to do so much more in terms of motor skills. I cant wait to see what my little man gets up to this next year but a small part of me cant help but morn the time that has already pasted…

WDR only 2 hours old.

No matter how big my little boy gets, he will always be my little baby.